Parts and Tools Required

  1. Template (.pdf format)
  2. Jack, jackstands, lug wrench
  3. 1/2″ socket for shock absorbers
  4. Spring compressor
  5. 3/4″ wrench for control-arm mounting nuts
  6. 1/2″ drill with a 17/32″ bit plus smaller bits for starting holes
  7. center punch


  1. Jack car, remove front wheels and front shock absorbers.
  2. Compress spring and remove.
  3. Support lower control arm and brake assembly on a jackstand.
  4. Unbolt control arm bolts from the inside of the engine compartment. For ’64 – 66 years, save alignment shims and remember their original location.
  5. Move the upper control arm, rotor, and spindle to one side. Support brake lines.
  6. Bolt the template to the existing holes.
  7. Mark new holes with a center punch.
  8. Drill new holes. Start with a small bit, 1/4″, and work up to 17/32″.
  9. Install upper control arms in new holes. For 1964-66, use the alignment shims in the same original positions. Remove an even thickness, about 1/8″ to 1/4″, of shims for each position to compensate for the increased positive camber.
  10. Reassemble suspension.
  11. Align front suspension to the following specifications:
            Caster    2 degrees positive
            Camber    0 to 1/2 degree negative for street for racing and open track up to 3 degrees negative camber
            Toe-in    1/8"

Template courtesy of the Shelby American Automobile Club and Mustang Performance and Handling Guide, 1964-85, by Peter C. Sessler.